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Terms and Conditions of use

By placing an order with us, you agree that you have read and ready to abide by the following Terms and Conditions of this website-doctorateessays.com In case you are not willing to abide by any of the listed terms and conditions, kindly do not consider using our services.

Brief Definitions

“Us”, “We”, “Our site,” “Company”, “This site”, “website” refers doctorateessays.com. “You,” “customer,” “consumer,” “your” refers to anyone who willingly uses our services at any given time by either placing an order, bidding on an order, giving any information regarding an order or making payment for an order “Order” refers to the electronic instructions given by the customer regarding what they want to be done and when they want it done. This must be done online through our site. “Products” refers to the final original papers or essays written by our writers, strictly following the instructions given by the customers and delivered to the consumers on time.

The services we deliver at doctorateessays.com

At doctorateesays.com, we give an opportunity to our consumers to place orders, communicate to each other, work on orders, deliver the products and finally do payment transfer for the products already delivered to them.

Before a consumer can use any of our services, they must first create an account with us before proceeding. We always make the identity of our consumers anonymous at all times and as such, sharing any personal information that might uniquely identify you as a consumer is highly prohibited. Doctorateessays.com reserves the right to close any access to your account whenever there is enough reason to do so especially if you use abusive language to other consumers, share your personal information and contacts to other consumers, spam or break the Terms and Conditions of this website in any other way not stated above.

We only offer services to our consumers for their own personal and non-commercial use. As such, we strictly prohibit any purchase of our products for commercial use. We own the authorship rights of all products delivered by our freelance consumers. We recommend that you check for quality of your product delivered to you by our freelance writers since payments are non-refundable after accepting the product. Our services are only meant to help you learn how to go about your tasks as a consumer and therefore should not be regarded as your own work at any given time. We do not condone academic cheating, and as such, you cannot submit our products for grading as it is not your original work. We do not give any warranty or guarantee to consumers concerning our products, and as such, it is your duty as the consumer to check for the quality of your work. Kindly make sure you take note of these Terms and Conditions before proceeding to place an order with us.

Provision for Refund

The customer should read through the product before releasing 100% of the funds to the writer. By releasing 100% of the funds, the customer agrees that he/she had read through the entire product and is satisfied with it. As such, he/she agrees that he will not require any further revision on the same order. In case one might need a revision on such order, he/ she will have to place a new order and make payment for the same. Funds released after delivery of our products are not warranted or guaranteed in any way and are completely non-refundable. The customer should take the time to read through the product and decide whether he/ she needs any form of revision before releasing the funds to the writer as no refund can be made after that. After 100% release of funds, there can be no further communication made to the writer concerning the order. In case the customer does not release 100% of the funds after downloading the final paper, the funds will be automatically released to the writer 72 hours after the deadline and the order will be considered as complete, and therefore the writer will not take any further revisions on the same order.

At our own discretion, we might decide to refund the customer especially when they have enough reason to claim a refund. We have a money back guarantee policy that you can read on our FAQ page.


Our freelance writers write all products from scratch and therefore is 100% original. As such, Doctorateessays.com reserves all the copyright regarding the products. The consumers of our products are prohibited from using them for commercial use. The consumers are under no circumstance allowed to share, alter, transfer, publish, or distribute products from this company without any written and signed consent from our company. The consumer agrees always to defend and protect the copyright of the products from this company and will not hold the company responsible for any use without authority. Anyone found using the products from this company without written and signed consent will be sued or charged under civil or criminal penal code.

As stated earlier, doctorateessays.com does not condone academic cheating in any way. As such, all products and contents delivered to our customers are for their own personal use. Sharing of the products and contents from our site is highly prohibited. The writers and the customers are prohibited from disclosing the contents they deliver or receive to any other party. We regard all materials and contents shared between our customers and freelance writers as private and confidential, and we reserve the right to close the account of anyone found guilty of violating the privacy and confidentiality policy. Kindly read more about the privacy and confidentiality policy on its page.

Our freelance writers SHOULD and MUST at all times respect the intellectual property rights of others. As such, they MUST write their papers from scratch and maintain 100% uniqueness at all times. If as a consumer you notice that the product delivered to you was plagiarized, kindly contact the customer support team immediately and they will take the necessary action against such a writer. Any attempt by our writers to submit a plagiarized paper will result in ruthless actions against them. doctorateessays.com is committed to delivering 100% unique work to its customers, and as a freelance writer, you must be ready to do the same. The company has the exclusive right to heavily fine and cancel any contract with anyone who tried to deliver plagiarized work to our customers. Any consumer who tries to use the content delivered to them for any commercial use will also see their cooperation with our company automatically disqualified. We will not condone such behavior and therefore will not offer such customers our services.

At doctorateessays.com, we do not condone academic cheating and dishonesty in any way. As such, we do not allow our customers to include their names in our products and later submit it to their lecturers or any other interested parties for grading. Such action is academic cheating as the consumer will have plagiarized our work. Our products and contents can only be used as a guide to do your own research and not as your final work.

Links on doctorateessays.com

This site might have links to other external websites. However, we would like to notify our customers and consumers that eoctorateessays.com does not control those sites and therefore does not have any control over its content. We cannot guarantee the consumers visiting those sites that they abide by our Terms and Conditions. Any consumer visiting those sites must do so at their own risk as it is required on your order form.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions stated above at any given time if the need arises. As such, we recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions often as using our services binds you to them at all times.