Privacy and Confidentiality policy

At, we value the privacy and the confidentiality of every customer visiting our site very much. As such, we recommend that every user reads through these policies from time to time before using our services.

As stated above, values the privacy of all customers. As such, we like making their personal identity 100% anonymous. We do not share any personal details disclosed to us by our customers or writers to any other third party. We treat all personal information as private and confidential. As a customer, we strongly advise that you do not share any personal information with our writers. This information may include your name, email, phone number, school or school logins.

At all time, will act as the link between the customer and the writer, and as such, we reserve the right to close the account of a customer who willingly discloses his/her personal information to any writer without notice. In cases where such information may be needed to complete the task for clients, for example with online timed exams, the customer should contact the customer support team before making such a move. We strongly advise our customers against taking any personal emails or contacts sent to them by our writers. Any transactions which are done outside this website between the customer and the writer is without any guarantee whatsoever.

Customers should report any writer who tries to share their personal emails or contacts with them to the support team immediately so that action can be taken against such a writer. We do not condone fraud.

We are professional people, and therefore we expect our writers to observe professionalism at all times. Professionalism involves how you chat with our customers. Observe etiquette at all times in your chats with your customers. Do not share any personal information such as emails and contacts with our customers as this violates our privacy policy. We always monitor the writer-client chats and therefore and therefore will heavily fine or fire any writer that tries to share their emails and contacts with their customers. No form of explanation will be accepted for such an act whether deliberately or by mistake. We, therefore, recommend that you be very keen on what you send to your customer in your chats.

We might collect other information such as your IP address and your access time. We may also use cookies which helps us serve you better. The cookies help us identify your computer without getting the identity of the individual user. These cookies also help us to understand the pages of our website that you visited and how much time you spent on each of the pages you visited.

As you understand, time is of critical importance to us as we seek to deliver your orders on time so that you have enough time to review them. We, therefore, need to collect your local time so that we can make this possible. That way, we will make sure that we deliver the best service to you as you order with us every time. However, it is important to note that the above-collected information is only used by us and not shared by any other third party whatsoever. Basically, we ensure user security at all times by putting in place measures for that purpose.

We are a developing company, and as such, our privacy policy is subject to changes whenever need be. We, therefore, would like to advise all our users always to keep checking for any possible update on this page.